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Apollo 13 mission patch/insignia Apollo 13 launches from Kennedy Space Center, April 11, 1970 From left to right are: Commander, James A. Lovell Jr., Command Module pilot, John L. Swigert Jr. and Lunar Module pilot, Fred W. Haise Jr. The Apollo 13 crew photographed the Moon out the Lunar Module as they passed by. Due to the free return trajectory Apollo 13 holds the absolute altitude record for a manned spacecraft: 400,171 km Astronaut John L. Swigert, at right, with the Apollo 13's damaged Service Module, as photographed from the Command Module after being jettisoned The Apollo 13 Lunar Module Aquarius is jettisoned above the Earth after serving as a lifeboat for four days. It reentered Earth's atmosphere over Fiji and burned up Apollo 13 splashes down in the South Pacific on April 17, 1970 as photographed from the recovery ship USS Iwo Jima Mission Control celebrates the successful splashdown of Apollo 13. Third from left in waistcoat is Flight Director Gene Kranz, an eternal optimist and a prominent figure in the history of NASA The crew of Apollo 13 on board the USS Iwo Jima following splashdown

"Houston, we’ve had a problem”

A photo essay to mark the 44th anniversary of NASA’s finest hour.

Apollo 13 was the seventh manned mission in the Apollo space program and the third intended for a lunar landing. The craft was launched on April 11, 1970 from the Kennedy Space centre, Florida, but the lunar landing was aborted after an oxygen tank exploded two days later on April 13th, crippling the Service Command Module. Despite great hardship caused by limited power, loss of cabin heat, shortage of potable water, and the critical need to jury rig the carbon dioxide removal system, the crew tested and stretched to their physical and mental limits returned safely to Earth on April 17.

Also dubbed as a ‘successful failure' and 'NASA’s finest hour’, the Apollo 13 accident has been a landmark and a subsequent benchmark in manned space exploration history from which we have learned, improved upon and has redefined our understanding of words like hardship and dedication.

And the rigorous, incessant endeavour and will to succeed and survive on the part of the crew: James A. LovellJohn L. “Jack” Swigert and Fred W. Haise, who till date account to the set of the bravest men alive.

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Cheap Trick and a Cheesy One Liner

Ever since I saw Ironman 3, I had thought of doing the book cover design for Tony Stark’s autobiography. Finally got the time for it.

Et viola !!

Still working on the content though.
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There is no fate, but what we make

John Connor

Sunday it is (part 1)

Sunday it is (part 2)

The rush of battle is often a potent and lethal addiction, for war is a drug

Chris Hedges

Sanskrit Scroll

Word meanings of a few unique descriptive adjectives denoted to the seraphic characters of Indian Epics and the oldest literary chronicles in the world like Mahabharata, Ramayana, Puranas, Vedas and Upanishad

Following the oral recitation and transmission of these accounts dating well before 2nd century BCE, these tales finally resolved into written form in Sanskrit by 200 BCE and has carried on till date as the oldest, lengthiest and the most important literature throughout the Indian subcontinent. Ancient sculptures, art forms, paintings, folklores, architecture, music, dance forms, dressing styles, the entire religious and social structure of south and south eastern Asia, has come into being majorly because of the fore-mentioned chronicles. And they still do remain the most consequential volumes of literature and source of inspiration for believers and atheists alike.

Contrary to popular belief, I know exactly what I’m doing.

Tony Stark

Apollo program insignia and mission patch (round)

Date a Girl who Shops

(In response to Lena Desmond’s Date a Boy who Travels)

Date a girl who shops. Date a girl who would spend hours browsing through clothes, shoes and accessories, choosing, deciding, deliberating a million times before taking her pick. Date a girl, who would look twice through every shop, every display window and try to spot the designer dress she’s been wanting for a long time, a girl who would try on pairs of sunglasses of every size, structure and color till she finds the one perfect for her face cut. She would love to walk by the glitzy glamour of a spectrum of perfumes in their fancy colored bottles and dream of basking in the neon glow of Times Square at night. She will flaunt that label on her designer jeans and keep the handbags and shoeboxes of various fashion stores stacked safely on her study table. She would look at benign interest at a Rolex below the glass case under her elbows and scrutinize every shade of lip-gloss on the shelf. She will be pretty, that much is guaranteed. She will be someone you’ll look twice or even thrice over your shoulder while she stands in front of the mirror at an accessory store, trying on a pair of shoes that’ll go with her top.

She may not have a huge wad of cash stashed in her fashionable handbag that looks more like a doctor’s bag to a fashion recluse but she will shop to her heart’s desire. Peek over her head and the wallpaper on her laptop or her latest smartphone would be of her and her pretty girl friends, giving a pose that only accentuates her perfectness and dominance as the beauty queen amongst her peers. She is always smiling, glowing with happiness but when you look at her at the tube station at rush hour it’s a different story altogether. An even then you can’t look at anyone else because she shines brighter than the harsh lighting of the billboard behind her. And through the crowd you can see the slight frown on her brow, a frown of exhaustion, and you want to do everything in the world to upturn that frown, erase that crease of imperfection from her beautiful face.

Her room décor will be in shades of purple, because pink is too mainstream and childishly girly. The walls of her rooms will not have bookshelves, but framed pictures of her own. She doesn’t read as much as she would like or want to, but she has impeccable language skills and a class, an aura that even the most self-proclaimed “learned” would find tough to rival. But above all she is not egoistic, she is not arrogant, she is like the prettiest little flower blooming alone in a wasteland; that softness, a degree of warmth, love and kindness constantly radiating out of her that doesn’t make you want to pluck that flower and keep it for yourself but instead let it be where it is and makes you want to sit next to it and gaze continuously at it glassy eyed.

Date a girl who shops, because every second, every minute, every hour you spend with her at a women store, isn’t a second wasted but an investment for life. Because the time she invests on her own self is infinitesimally small in front of the time and effort she would put in to dress you up, shop for you, stand in line with you while you buy the tickets for your favorite film, patiently look at you with a smile on her lips as you browse through bookshelves at Oxford or play Air Hockey at the mall arcade.

Date a girl who shops because she will be your best friend first and a girlfriend later. She wouldn’t mind if you slept off mid way your late night phone conversation, she wouldn’t care if she missed her beloved sitcom for your game because she will cheer even louder than you would when your football team would score a goal. She will make every gift she gives you a real actual surprise and she will put in a lot of thought and imagination into every little surprise she plans for you. She is unpredictable but fun and comforting, she will fulfill all your wishes and fantasies, from bedroom to boardroom, she will sit and learn the recipe of that favorite exotic dish of yours, come home to a welcome surprise and always support you in whatever endeavor you plan to undertake.

She doesn’t read more than she is supposed to, neither does she travels like you do. She doesn’t have to indulge in a hundred hobbies like you to keep occupied. She hasn’t lived the experiences like you have, that have taught you ways of life, but when you sit and think about it, it is she who is still at par with you in all paradigms of life. She is sensible, sensitive and simple, and those three aspects of her constantly teach her more about life and people than you, with all your experiences and wisdom can ever impart.

Date a girl who shops, not just because she spends an extra hour trying to choose a cocktail dress from her favorite store, but because while she is at it, there are a million thoughts running through her head. Such a mundane job as shopping, yet she is deliberating so much. And this is only the tiniest indication towards her thought process and her wisdom and the fact that whatever she will do for you, it will be for your best and after a long arduous thought process on her part to make every moment special and memorable and right for you. She isn’t the stereotypical high maintenance girl, but a girl who will make that dull lonely apartment of yours into a home. Nobody tells her what to do, she doesn’t refer to any book or any website, magazine or even ask for advices. She is set in her own ways and by fortunate accidents her way is always the least objectionable option you end up choosing. Sometimes it would be hard to put up with her, sometimes it would be harder to put up without her, but in time you’ll realize that all your happiness, joy, anger, frustration, every single emotion that a man is capable of expressing are unquestionably concurrent to her. She will sit and listen to you with unwavering devotion to your stories about your travels, funny college incidents only you would find laughable, hear out your frustration at your job. She will be quiet when needed, pacify you when she foresees an outburst. She can read your mind like a book. She is the complimentary half of you. Consider it a qualm or a blessing, but she is the girl who loves to shop.

She may be sweeter than sugar and softer than fur, but give her a reason to get mad at you, and she would prick you like a hot needle every time you would question her loyalty, her trust, her self-respect and her devotion to you. She is the epitome of feminism in all its slants. You give her your love, she will surely give you her life, but you give her your hate and she will make your life hell. She is a Queen in all her glory, treat her like one. Date a girl who shops, and you’ll learn more about yourself than you previously thought possible. Get to know her through your own eyes and see yourself through her eyes and suddenly the world becomes a much better place to live in.


Sushant Sharma

Chasing the couple

A clumsy brownish grey bird with an enormous black and white curved bill surmounted by a peculiar protuberance and a long graduated tail, The Indian Grey Hornbill is a mid sized arboreal member of the most exotic avian genre in India. Mostly travelling in pairs or small parties, the male has a larger protuberance on a dark bill with a yellowish lower bill while the females sport a smaller protuberance and a less contrasting appearance.  Commonly found around fig laden trees in the company of pigeons, parakeets or other frivolity inducing birds, gliding across from one tree to another in a follow-my-leader fashion, making a variety of squealing and chattering conversational notes.

Passing of a Titan